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Gross sales All states within continental US
Up to $50 Flat rate only $15.00
$51 to $100 Flat rate only $25.00
$101 to $300 Flat rate only $39.00
$301 to $500 Flat rate only $69.00
$501 to 1000 Flat rate only $89.00
$1001 to $1499 Flat rate only $119.00
$1500 over Free
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We manufacture quality wood cabinet doors and have inexpensive simple solutions for your cabinet needs. We provide our customers with everything from a few custom size replacement cabinet doors to a complete cabinet refacing system that includes hinges, drawer boxes, cabinet refacing materials, and moldings. We ship nationwide including Hawaii and Alaska, daily. (See below for shipping cost and transit times. We can also have shipments held at a location near you for convenient evening customer pickups.
Whether you are a Cabinet Shop, Contractor, DIY-Do It Yourself person, or home owner purchasing the materials and hiring a professional to do the work, we have the materials and systems to fit your cabinet needs. Our #1 goal is only to sell you products that you need and can use. We accomplish this by providing, free of charge, our extensive How To Instruction section with information on everything from how to measure for new cabinet doors, to tips on installation and finishing of our products. If at anytime you need additional information or help, just call 1-800-852-7087. Our operators are on call 24/7 and are available to take your questions so one of our expert consultants can contact you to help in ordering cabinet doors or finding the answers to your questions and a cost effective solution to your kitchen cabinet remodeling needs.
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What is a Complete Cabinet Renovation | About Us | Order Here | Special Offer! | SiteMap
Shipping Policy
All businesses have to pay shipping costs. They either incorporate this cost into the price of goods sold or charge you the total cost directly. Cabinet doors are heavy and if not packaged properly can be damaged during shipping. For most companies shipping can be expensive, but because of our high shipping volume and careful packaging we have special discount rates with our carriers. Please Note: Unlike other companies selling cabinet doors on the internet if you received damage goods from our carrier and notify us immediately we will take care of any replacement or repair needed. No other company we know of, selling cabinet doors online has this shipping policy. Below are our shipping charges and transit times.
Have you considered painting your cabinets? You can save a lot of money and time stripping your old worn kitchen cabinet doors by replacing them with our new paint grade cabinet doors. (See our Article on painting your cabinets)

When you compare us to other Cabinet Door Makers on the internet, you will find we have superior products with superior prices. (See our Promotional Pack)

We now offer all Cabinet Doors and Refacing Materials Prefinished well as Unfinished! Call for more information about our environmentally friendly and extremely durable finishes. (See our Prefinished Stains)
These rates apply to continental US only call for outside continental US. For CA Only 9% sales tax, all other no sales tax.
Transit times for States by name
AK-Alaska call for times
AL-Alabama 4-5 days
AZ-Arizona 2-3 days
AR-Arkansas 3-4 days
CA-California 1-2 days
CO-Colorado 2-3 days
CT-Connecticut 4-5 days
DE-Delaware 4-5 days
FL-Florida 4-5 days
GA-Georgia 4-5 days
HI-Hawaii call for times
ID-Idaho 2-3 days
IL-Illinois 3-4 days
IN-Indiana 3-4 days
IA-Iowa 3-4 days
KS-Kansas 3-4 days
KY-Kentucky 3-4 days
LA-Louisiana 3-4 days
ME-Maine 4-5 days
MD-Maryland 4-5 days
MA-Massachusetts 4-5 days
MI-Michigan 3-4 days
MN-Minnesota 4-5 days
MS-Mississippi 4-5 days
MO-Missouri 3-4 days
MT-Montana 3-4 days
NE-Nebraska 3-4 days
NV-Nevada 2-3 days
NH-New Hampshire 4-5 days
NJ-New Jersey 4-5 days
NM-New Mexico 2-3 days
NY-New York 4-5 days
NC-North Carolina 4-5 days
ND-North Dakota 4-5 days
OH-Ohio 4-5 day
OK-Oklahoma 3-4 days
OR-Oregon 1-2 days
PA-Pennsylvania 4-5 days
RI-Rhode Island 4-5 days
SC-South Carolina 4-5 days
SD-South Dakota 3-4 days
TN-Tennessee 3-4 days
TX-Texas 3-4 days
UT-Utah 2-3 days
VT-Vermont 4-5 days
VA-Virginia 4-5 days
WA-Washington 2-3 days
WV-West Virginia 4-5 days
WI-Wisconsin 3-4 days
WY-Wyoming 2-3 days
Transit times are shown in business days. Actual transit may vary do to conditions.